Candidate for Redwood City Council 2015

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Dear Redwood City Neighbor,

For the past 46 years, I have lived, worked and raised my family in Redwood City. During that time, I’ve been active in many community organizations.

I believe in the community and people of our City and want to be able to help guide the City by being on the Redwood City Council. I will bring my community involvement and grass roots perspective to help guide the City for the best of our residents.

I’ll work to preserve the spirit of what makes Redwood City unique and such a good place to live and work, including respecting our rich history. In my experience, I have found that listening is critical to effective decision making and will bring this skill to Redwood City Council.

Our downtown has undergone a renaissance - I have enthusiastically supported many of the projects downtown. Now, I’d like to take time to understand the changes that are coming about as we prepare for the future. I look forward to working with the community in developing our next steps.

I am an independent thinker and will work with you to help Redwood City be responsive to our citizens.

Redwood City

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