Dear friends and supporters,
It’s stunning to say, but November is election time again! It has been my honor to serve on City Council in Redwood City since 2015, and I am proud to announce that I am running for reelection this year.
These past five years have seen remarkable changes and brought new matters to light. Across the issues, I have not wavered in my commitment to be an independent decision maker and to involve the community in our discussions. I have challenged issues that were not in the best interest of our citizens, while advocating strongly for those that were.
The 2020 election is Redwood City’s first-ever “district election”, with citizens voting for a representative specific to their own district (there are seven total, four of which are up for election this year). I am running for the seat in District 3, where I have lived with my family and friends for 37 years. 

With my depth of knowledge and experience, I am running to support our diversity, our families, our neighborhoods, our infrastructure and our economy. That means fighting for:

  • Increasing affordable housing options including for-sale housing
  • Holding developers accountable for their impacts
  • Improving policies to accommodate over-parked neighborhoods
  • Developing plans for alternative modes of transportation
  • Responding to climate change and the impacts of sea-level rise has on our waterfront development

With my successful track record in hand, I respectfully ask for your vote in November. I look forward to continued conversations across our community over the coming months, and making sure that everyone has a voice. Please learn more about me, my platform and why I’m the right choice for District 3 at

Thank you,

Janet Borgens

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