Dear friends and supporters,

Redwood City has reached a critical point in time. The COVID-19 pandemic has altered the business environment, impacted our local economy, and disrupted our daily lives. Social unrest across the nation has brought renewed attention to a longstanding struggle for racial equality in America and here at home.

As a current member of City Council, I strongly believe we can control our own destiny and continue on with a vision for Redwood City that is inclusive and diverse, protects the lives and rights of all community members by promoting community-serving small businesses, providing new affordable housing opportunities and ensuring meaningful discussions on how we protect our community.

Redwood City is where I put down roots, where I raised my children, where I owned a small business, and where I’ve learned invaluable life lessons that have inspired me towards public service. I served 9 years on the Planning Commission which provided a strong foundation for my last five years on City Council. It also provided the bedrock for my belief that development policy needs to serve all members of our community and developers need to be held accountable for their impacts on our city.

One of my greatest passions is volunteering in our community. I have rolled up my sleeves in addressing the flooding east of 101, serving meals to residents at the Senior Center, and being a proud Rotarian for 25 years.

These experiences of starting a family here, serving the residents of Redwood City, and representing Redwood City on regional issues have all provided me with a rich understanding of our City’s most pressing issues and the leadership experience necessary to tackle those issues and help lead the way to a more prosperous future for all.

This is a unique opportunity to create the type of city and community we want to see in Redwood City. In order to obtain that desired future, we must commit ourselves to economic recovery while preserving the essential city services we rely on especially with our impending budgetary constraints. I have dedicated myself to public service and I will continue to bring my passion and experience as a Councilmember by using a social justice lens on issues ranging from police reform, affordable housing, city services and beyond.

If re-elected I will work with all my fellow councilmembers, regardless of philosophical differences, because my focus is on public service above politics. I hope to earn the honor of your vote so that together we can create a more inclusive, prosperous, and community-focused Redwood City.

With my successful track record in hand, I respectfully ask for your vote in November. I look forward to continued conversations across our community over the coming months, and making sure that everyone has a voice. Please learn more about me, my platform and why I’m the right choice for District 3 at

Thank you,

Janet Borgens

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