Janet is proud to have the support and endorsement of many state, county and community leaders and citizens. Due to a history of engagement, collaboration and excellence, Janet’s endorsements include:

Endorsed by the Sierra Club for Janet’s strong support of environmental and equity issues, including sea level rise, flooding and development in the right places.

State Offices
Senator Jerry Hill 

County Supervisors
Supervisor Warren Slocum
Supervisor Dave Canepa
Supervisor Dave Pine (District 1)

City Council Members:
Honorable Alicia Aguirre
Honorable Ian Bain
Honorable Diane Howard, RWC Mayor

Past Mayors:
Honorable Brent Britschgi, Former RWC Mayor
Honorable Dick Claire, Former RWC Mayor (Port Commissioner)
Honorable Barbara Pierce, Former RWC Mayor

Community Leaders:
Sheriff Carlos Bolanos
Honorable Marie Chuang, Hillsborough City Council
Cecilia Taylor, Menlo Park Mayor
Maria Diaz-Slocum, Trustee RCSD
JR Gamez, Former RCPD Chief
Alisa MacAvoy, Trustee RCSD
Dennis McBride, Trustee RCSD
Honorable Ann Schneider, Vice Mayor Millbrae
San Mateo County Coroner Robert Foucrault

Kevin Bondanno, Planning Commission, Chair
Barbara Britschgi, Senior Affairs Commissioner
Ralph Garcia, Chair Port Commissioner
Matt Greenberg, RWC Parks & Rec Commission
Lorianna Kastrop, Port Commissioner, Chair
Bonnie Miller, former Housing & Human Concerns

Community Members:
Tammy Alsterlind
Laura Atherton
Carmen Ayon
Alpio Barbara
Tami Barbara
Scharol Battaglia
Barbara Bocca
Margie Carrington
Sheila Cepero
Vicky Constantini
Sandra Cooperman
Warren Dale
Elise Dixon
Roxanne Dragan
Carrie Du Bois
Kaia Eakin
Norma Evanoff
Pat FitzGerald
Fred Ganjei
Carole Greenberg and Zaheer
Rachel Holt
Joan Ira
Kris Johnson
Keith Kadera
Nina Kadera
Mike Kastrop
Alice Kaufman
Ramin Keyvan
Matt Leddy
Ivan Martinez
Bonnie & Ron Miller
Beth Mostrovoy
Jasmine Forcier Obando
Julie Pardini
Susie Peyton
Jerry Pierce
Dan Ponti
Gail Raabe
Paige Register
Gato Rivera
David Shearin
Terry Thom
Paula Uccelli
Barb Valley
Regina Van Brunt
Alberto Villacorta
Bob Wilson